Sunday, December 5, 2010

1991 - Way Cleared for Long-Delayed Housing

NY Times article - rumblings from the early 90's during Mayor Dinkins reign about "several sites near the Bowery and Houston Street" (what is now the Avalon Bay complex of buildings).

"IN Cooper Square, after 31 years of a neighborhood battle against urban renewal plans that would have displaced 1,200 families, agreement was announced in December for several sites near the Bowery and Houston Street in Manhattan.

Plans call for building 560 new apartments for $16 million and renovating 430 in 37 buildings for $17 million. The renovated units will be for low- and moderate-income tenants. Of the new apartments, 200 will be rentals and 360 will be owner-occupied cooperatives or condominiums, with a fifth reserved for low-income residents and the rest for residents of middle and moderate income.

The Cooper Square Community Development Committee and Businessmen's Association helped negotiate the agreement, and local residents will help oversee the project and select tenants and owners. The project will include a community center."

from NYCityMap- 1996 map of Houston-2nd street off the Bowery - white squares are where the buildings eventually were built in the early 2000's

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