Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Apartment Building to Rise on Infamous Bowery" circa 2000

Here is a NY Times article about 199 Bowery, near Spring st, oddly called NoLiTa Place, yet described as being in the Lower East Side.  Anyone remember this building going up?

It seemed kinda ludicrous at the time, being so upscale.  Crash Mansion is in the basement, and I remember The Pioneer Bar opening across the street.  We went there after an opening in Soho in the early 2000's...it felt so weirdly out of place being so grandiose and upscale.

"In the heart of the Bowery, a name synonymous with what the Encyclopedia of New York City describes as a onetime ''place of squalor, alcoholism and wretchedness'' that even in the mid-1990's ''seemed likely to remain the sanctuary for the forgotten in American society,'' a spanking new $30 million apartment building is about to go up, complete with retail shops, a fitness room, rooftop terrace and 24-hour doormen."

"''Most of the stores in the Bowery that supply chairs, lights, stoves and the like to restaurants and other businesses were on 20- to 30-year leases. And when the leases expired, the spaces became available for people whose tastes appeal to the market in SoHo or the Village, but who can't afford the rents there.''"

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